Why invest in LullaMe - CEO Hanna Sissala?

As an investor you surely wonder why you should invest in LullaMe rather than in some other startup or company. Here is my list of why you should invest in LullaMe

1) We solve a real problem

I think the biggest benefit of LullaMe mattress is that is solves a real problem. If your baby is not sleeping, you are for sure looking for solutions. When the need is clear and solution is existing and already tested on the market, the biggest part of typical startup investment risks are conquered already. This company only needs enough funding for marketing and growing the awareness to become the leading company in its sector.

2) Development work behind the company

Even though the product looks simple, technically it isn’t. It has required plenty of mechanical, textile, electronical and software design to make it as durable, safe and efficient as it is today. Baby product safety requirements are high and parents are not ready to compromise on these.

This makes it more difficult for other new products just to pop up.

Even though you would buy LullaMe’s product, you couldn’t directly just copy it, because some of its cleverness lies in the non-visible programming work. In addition to that, designing a machine that is quiet enough to be used while sleeping takes time. The global patent portfolio also brings extra value and security.

3) Passionate team

 The best ideas need a team that is ready to climb the highest mountains if needed. Our team is just like that. We have personal passion to solve sleeplesness for new parents and bring the best possible return on investor’s money.

4) Traction

We have already shown that we are able to get orders from Finland and abroad. We have also shown that we are able to deliver products of good quality. Our production is standardized and ready to grow.

5) Guaranteed growth

Our company is not a game or a mobile company that is working in a highly competitive field. We have a unique product that no one else has. Parents also have a literally screaming need for the product. When there is a sufficient level of awareness on our product, it clearly turns into sales.

With this product, B2C marketing is rather simple. The more right people we reach, the more sales we get. Our task at LullaMe operational management is to find the channels where we can reach the maximum audience with every invested euro. The growth of this company is easily predicted. The more we invest in marketing the more turnover we get.

Many investors who have earlier invested in software or services might be a little bit afraid about the physical product, production and the working capital. Luckily we are experts in these issues. For example, we have paid keen attention on the production quality and payment terms from the beginning. When there is a clear need and growing sales, all the other things are solvable.

Test how Self-rocking Baby Mattress works

You can try the LullaMe mattress for 30 days and see how it works with your baby.

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30-day use period of LullaMe Solina - 2 in 1 Automated rocking and airy mattress for cot - LullaMe

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