Six Finnish innovations for families with children

Six Finnish innovations for families with children

The Finns are inventors. When moms or dads face a problem, they don’t start to complain. They will find out a solution to the problem. Sometimes the solution is so great, that it will become a product that other parents and children can also enjoy.

We gathered six magnificent innovations – suggest more in the comments below!


Yezpon GPS tracker locates your child

Only looking 15 seconds in the wrong direction and your curious toddler is already out of your sight. Immediately your heart start beating fast – there are not many feelings, that can be compared to this distress.

The Finnish gadget called Yezpon helps you find the runaway in seconds. The tracker will tell your kid’s location in real time and you can check it from your phone. The tracker can’t be switched off and the battery lasts for up to several weeks.


ReimaGO encourages kids to be more active

Do your children also stuck easily in front of screens? The ReimaGO Activity tracker encourages children to stay active. It measures kids' physical activity and steps always when they move. Kids' activity scores are producing energy for the virtual character in the different playful worlds.

Later you can check together the prizes your kid has won and the playful worlds she/he has visited during the day.


More than just a baby monitor: Onni Care

Why settle for just a normal baby monitor with distracted sound when you can get HD video from your baby?

The Onni Care’s motitor will track your baby’s sleep. The app will alert for example when your baby is moving around, so you can be there for your baby before she/he wakes up.

You can use these monitors also with older children for example watching their plays while you’re cooking.


Otometri points out ear infection

Fever, sniffle, cough, pain in the ears. Is it an ear infection or just a common cold? With the Otometri measurement device, you can easily check your baby’s ear condition at home. The device sends tiny acoustical stimulus to ear and then the device will analyze the response. If the ear is infected, there is fluid in the middle ear, which will cause a different response than a normal ear.

In the studies, the device has been able to detect inflammation with 70-90% accuracy, just as well as a pediatrician.


Use Mehujehu and prevent the juice box becoming a sprinkler

Every kid will get excited when seeing a juice box: give it to me! When the straw has been put in place, the tiny hands finally get the juice. They will grab the juice box with a tight grip and at the same time approximately 70% of the juice ends up on the floor. The typical combination is grape juice or orange juice and a white shirt at a birthday party.

The case called Mehujehu (only in Finnish) will keep the straw tightly in place and prevent the package getting smashed. The case also looks nice!


Can you guess the last innovation we are introducing?

5 points: It is a product invented by a mother from Helsinki. She had a problem and decided to come up with a solution.

4 points: It won the Kind+Jugend Innovation Award in 2016.

3 points: Its breathable mesh fabric lets air through safely even if your baby turns tummy down.

2 points: When they were designing the product, they tested for example which kind of movement calmed babies the best

One point: It will lull your baby to sleep with rocking movement.

Of course, it is our own innovation, the LullaMe mattress, which has helped hundreds of families getting more sleep. Is your family sleeping well already?


How many points did you get? Do you know some useful gadget for families with children?


Wishing ingenious everyday life with children,




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