LullaMe mattress

rocks your baby

to sleep.


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LullaMe mattress rocks your baby gently up-and-down. It reminds the baby of the movement in the womb. Most babies calm down and fall asleep with this movement. LullaMe mattress fits into a standard cot. You can now try the mattress at our office at Vallila, Helsinki. To book time for naps for your baby, please contact info at

More sleep for your baby

During pregnancy your baby sleeps while you are moving. LullaMe baby mattress imitates this soft movement by rocking gently up and down, in the safety of a normal baby bed.

More sleep for you

LullaMe baby mattress rocks your baby to sleep. You can rest, read a book or just enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. When was the last time you did that?

Baby colic gets better

Happier moments together

We believe that well-rested parents are the best parents. When you have more energy, you can best support the development of your child.

LullaMe Self Rocking Baby Mattress

The mattress helps your baby get to sleep with a gentle up-and-down movement powered by a small motor. Includes a remote control.


"It just worked. I don't know what we would have done without it."

"We didn't sleep well at all. He was our first child and we worried about everything new. The mattress was a good solution to the situation. It made our baby feel better and we had more energy too." – Elena & Aleksi, the parents of Cosmo

My first child didn’t sleep well. I decided to come up with a solution.

Hanna Sissala, a mother from Helsinki, tried to put her first child to sleep for hours. When nothing seemed to help, she decided to come up with a solution. Hanna gathered around a team of experienced professionals who wanted to help babies to sleep better. This led to the invention of a LullaMe baby mattress that rocks the baby to sleep with natural movement, safely in the baby's own bed.

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