Help your baby fall asleep in minutes

More sleep for your baby

During pregnancy your baby sleeps while you are moving. LullaMe baby mattress imitates this soft movement by rocking gently up and down, in the safety of a normal baby bed.

More sleep for you

LullaMe baby mattress rocks your baby to sleep. You can rest, read a book or just enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. When was the last time you did that?

Happier moments together

We believe that well-rested parents are the best parents. When you have more energy, you can best support the development of your child.

Self Rocking Baby Mattress

The mattress helps your baby get to sleep with a gentle up-and-down movement powered by a small motor. Includes a remote control.


"It simply worked. I don't know what I would have done without it. We didn’t sleep well at all. Everything was new since Cosmo is our first child. We were stressed about all sorts of things. So this mattress was a good solution. It made our child feel better and we had more energy."

– Elena & Aleksi, parents of Cosmo

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