An airy baby-mattress for your cot with a

Self-rocking Movement


The award-winning innovation that calms your baby to sleep

Naturally and Safe


The Story

Hanna Sissala, a mother from Helsinki, used to spend hours trying to get her first child to sleep. Only rocking seemed to help, but the baby woke up as soon as she stopped. Sound familiar? This is how the LullaMe self-rocking baby mattress was born…

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"My first baby had trouble sleeping, so I wanted to create a solution."

Hanna Sissala

Founder of LullaMe

Sleep Enables Happy Families

Click on the video! LullaMe Solina brings automated rocking and an airy mattress for your own normal-sized cot. It helps your newborn to feel safe and secure while he or she falls asleep. The gentle, automated up-and-down movement reminds the baby of the the womb. This movement helps the baby to get enough sleep to support the development and learning of new skills. Everyone is happier when we get enough rest. It helps us individually, but it multiplies when it's shared. #lullame #forhappierfamilies

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What parents are saying:

"When you have a small baby, LullaMe can improve the quality of your evenings and your whole life!"


Mother of two

"The mattress just worked! We don't know what we would have done without it."

Elena & Aleksi

Parents of Cosmo

Limited offer

Try our LullaMe Solina with our 30-day trial and we offer you a SWADDLE UP Original swaddle free of charge (no codes needed)!

Safe sleep

The CE-marked LullaMe mattress has multiple built-in safety features. The breathable fabric lets air through even if your baby lies on his/her stomach, and with its hygienic construction, the mattress retains its shape for your next child.

LullaMe self-rocking baby mattress has many safety features

Pediatrician recommendation

"Safety has been carefully considered in the LullaMe mattress. By having a breathable sleeping surface, LullaMe reduces the risk of suffocation (compared to traditional mattresses) if the baby turns tummy down and puts his or her head against the mattress."

Turkka Kirjavainen

Sleep Researcher & Neonatologist, Associate Head of Department. Helsinki Children’s Hospital

The Independent quoting: "Finland solves sleeping problems for new parents"

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