LullaMe Solina baby mattress brings the motion from cradles, cars, and strollers to your baby's bed

Lullame Solina Sleep Solution

Movement Supports Sleep

The movement of LullaMe Solina mimics the gentle rocking and swaying that soothed your baby during pregnancy. It decreases time to fall asleep, increases sleep duration, and calms a restless baby. You can purchase the product directly or through a trial period of 30 days.


Learning the skill of falling asleep

Our customers report that LullaMe Solina's movement allows the baby to relax. Hence learning sleep habits that support their development. Babies learn the skill of falling asleep easier with the help of LullaMe Solina's gentle rocking. This will support children's development and well-being for many years ahead.


Safety, Benefits, and Features

LullaMe Solina has five different speeds and a timer up to 95 minutes to fill babies' different needs. It can be controlled with a mobile app or remote control (separately sold). Learn more about the product and the trial period through the link!


Why our customers recommend LullaMe Solina:

"Solina has given me moments of ease and helped free my hands once in a while. I believe that this Sleep Solution is the reason my baby learnt to fall asleep by himself."


"Our baby loves and falls effortlessly asleep on this sleep solution. At its best, it has reduced the falling asleep time to 30 seconds."


Pediatrician Recommendation

"Safety has been carefully considered in the LullaMe mattress. By having an airy sleeping surface, LullaMe reduces the risk of suffocation (compared to traditional mattresses) if the baby turns tummy down and puts his or her head against the mattress."

Turkka Kirjavainen

Sleep Researcher & Neonatologist, Associate Head of Department. Helsinki Children’s Hospital

The Story

LullaMe Solina is named after the little girl, who kept her parents awake and made them rock her through night and day.

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"When I couldn’t find any solution for my baby's need to be rocked to sleep, I decided to create one myself!"

Hanna Sissala

Founder of LullaMe

Sleep is the foundation of well-being

Parenthood, the challenging and rewarding journey where we learn the extent of our emotions ranging from fear to love. All parents lose sleep - some up to 6 years after childbirth. By securing enough sleep for both babies and parents, the base for building that special bond is stronger. By prioritizing sleep, we are one step closer to LullaMe's vision: #happierfamilies.

Sleep is Vital for Development

During sleep babies are processing all the information that they have learnt. Sleep is fundamental for a proper development for the nervous system; including learning new skills and handling emotions.


Does the Movement Cause Dependency?

"No" is the answer from our customers. After you have accomplished good sleep habits and routines the need for movement will gradually decrease. You can find answers to this and other questions in our FAQ section.


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