Frequently asked questions

Who is the mattress for?

The LullaMe baby mattress is beneficial for any family with a baby. It reduces the time your baby is crying or trying to fall asleep. Soft movement of the mattress reminds your baby of the movement of the womb and makes him/her relax.

Sounds too good to be true. Does it really work?

Yes! Our users report that their babies fall asleep more easily, and have longer naps during the day.

If you want to make your baby feel really comfortable, we suggest to add a swaddle, baby sleep sounds and make the room dim. This will create a complete womb-like environment with movement, sounds and tightness around the baby. Several, familiar sensations will not only comfort your baby but distract him/her from any pain he/she might be feeling because of gas, reflux, allergies etc.

When will the mattress work best?

The mattress helps best if you start using it when your baby is young, about 0-3 months old. To gain the best sleeping results we suggest you to add also other elements that reminds the baby of the womb, like swaddle, baby sleep sounds, soother and making the room dim.

How do I know if the mattress is helping with my baby?

If your baby calms down or falls asleep with a lulling motion in the pram or car, it is usually a sign that also LullaMe mattress helps.

Can it be easier for a baby to fall asleep on the baby mattress than in my lap?

Yes, it can. Many babies calm down with a lulling motion. The motion of the mattress is more continuous than the motion of parents, which means that falling asleep can be easier on the mattress. Mattress can also continue the movement all night if needed.

Does my baby get enough closeness if I use the mattress?

We highly recommend physical closeness between parents and children. In the end, though, continuous lulling might make you quite exhausted. Good news are that you don't need to choose. Keep the baby close when you can and then let the mattress take care of the rest.

It is important that both you and your baby feel rested. Good night's sleep increases positive moods in the family, which will also have a positive effect on your baby.

Does the baby get used to the movement? Will my baby be able to sleep without the LullaMe mattress later?

Babies learn new ways of doing things relatively fast. All our users so far have reported that their babies were able to sleep without the mattress when the time came. 

Should the mattress be active all night? When should I turn it off?

It's up to you and your baby. Every baby is different. You can keep the movement on all night if it helps your baby sleep, or turn the movement off once your baby falls asleep. Turn the mattress off when your baby is not using it to save electricity.

Does it help with reflux, baby colic, allergies, gas?

According to our clients, LullaMe self-rocking baby mattress helps in different kind of sleeping challenges. If your baby calms down in a movement in a pram or a car, it is likely that he/she will calm down on the LullaMe mattress, too

Could a proper day routine fix our sleeping challenges?

Yes. A proper routine is required for the baby to sleep soundly. However, if baby has any physical challenges like gas or reflux, it might be difficult to get the baby into any kind of routine. Once the LullaMe mattress helps you to get the baby fall asleep, it might be a good idea to check what kind of routines babies of that age normally have and pursue something similar.

Can babies learn more than one sleeping method at the same time?

Yes, they can. If it's hard to get your baby to fall asleep but you want them to learn to fall asleep in their crib, choose the time when your baby cries least. For example, you can put your baby down to sleep on the mattress in the evening, and without the mattress in the morning.

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