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What is LullaMe Solina?

The LullaMe Solina 2-in-1 is an automated rocking and breathable sleep solution to be placed in the baby’s cot.

The recipient of several awards, our sleeping solution is not an ordinary mattress. In addition to the gentle and natural rocking motion, it has several safety features, including the cover made using fireproof Öko-Tex certified fabrics, allowing free rotation of air and keeping the baby dry even in the heat of summer.

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Who is the mattress for?

LullaMe Solina can be used in any family with a baby. The gentle rocking motion can be used for babies up to 10 kg, and as an ordinary, airy mattress, Solina can be used for babies up to 20 kg.

What is the magic behind the movement?

It is not magic, it's science! According to a study carried out at the University of Geneva, a gentle rocking motion helps not only babies but also adults to fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep for longer periods. The gentle rocking motions helps synchronise brain waves in neural networks, which is essential to sleep. Further information on the study is available here.

Sounds too good to be true. Does LullaMe Solina really work?

Yes! Naturally, babies are individuals from a young age, and the benefits vary from one baby to the next. According to our customers, LullaMe Solina makes calming down easier, falling asleep faster, and periods of sleep longer. LullaMe Solina also makes falling asleep without any other assistance easier.

The calming effects of LullaMe Solina are often strengthened further if is is used simultaneuously with white or pink noise. This will combine several safe sensations familiar from the womb (enclosed space, movement, and sound). Giving the baby a pacifier and dimming the lighting may also help.

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How do I know whether LullaMe Solina will help my baby?

If your baby calms down and falls asleep in movement, for example on your lap, on a stroller, in a car, or on a baby bouncer, LullaMe Solina is likely to help you. In newborns, the benefits are usually visible immediately or within some days, while older babies may require some days or even a week to get used to LullaMe Solina.

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Can my baby find falling asleep on LullaMe Solina easier than on my lap?

Yes. Many babies calm down in movement. The gentle rocking motion of LullaMe Solina is more continuous than the motion produced by parents, making falling and staying asleep easier.

Isn't my lap the best place for my baby to sleep?

We recommend as much closeness as possible (holding the baby on your lap, skin and eye contact between the child and parent, stroking). The baby benefits from the gentle and safe touch of a parent in many ways.

However, sometimes constantly holding and rocking the baby or acting as a mattress may exhaust the parents, and in such situations LullaMe Solina may help the health and well-being of the entire family. When parents get their rest, they can enjoy the fleeting moments of their baby’s first year and truly be present.

Can my baby become addicted to LullaMe Solina's motion?

Our users say that their babies have found it easy to sleep on an ordinary mattress after discontinuing the use of LullaMe Solina. Many begin to get their baby used to sleeping without motion little by little.

Can I first get my baby to fall asleep on my lap and place them on LullaMe Solina when they are asleep?

Of course you can, and many do so. According to the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL), babies who are able to calm down to sleep by themselves often sleep for longer periods without waking up than babies used to being rocked to sleep by a parent. Therefore it is good if the baby gradually learns to fall asleep without the help of a parent. However, do not make your baby cry, as the distress of the little one will make falling asleep more difficult. LullaMe Solina is proven to help children fall asleep on their own.

I'm used to sleeping next to my baby. Can I place LullaMe Solina in the parents' bed?

For safety reasons, we do not recommend taking LullaMe Solina in the parents’ bed. Some parents use a cot as a continuation of a family bed, if one side of the cot can be lowered. Other parents only use LullaMe Solina on naps and sleep in a family bed at night. Every family can use LullaMe Solina the way that suits them the best.

Can by baby learn several ways of falling asleep at once?

Yes, they can. If your baby finds it difficult to fall asleep but you would like to gradually teach them to fall asleep on their own, choose a time when they are the least tearful. You can use LullaMe Solina as a support in the evening and night, and let the baby fall asleep without movement during the day, for example.

Is the motion used throughout the night? When should I turn it off?

Every baby is unique. You can keep the rocking motion on throughout the night if it helps your baby sleep better, or you can turn off the rocking motion when your baby has fallen asleep.

Will the mattress help with colic, baby reflux, allergier and flatulence?

According to the experiences of our users, LullaMe Solina can help with many difficulties affecting the sleep of your baby. Of course, LullaMe Solina is not a cure for colic, reflux, allergies, or flatulence, but it can make your little one feel better. You should always primarily contact a doctor if you are concerned about your baby's crying and the things you have tried at home do not help. If your baby calms down and falls asleep in the motion of the stroller or a car, they are likely to benefit from LullaMe Solina, as well.

Can correcting the daily rhythm fix our challenges with sleeping?

Yes. Even though the development of sleep reflects the development of the central nervous system, THL states that parents can help their baby find the right sleeping rhythm from the first months of the baby’s life. The sense of security is the basis for a good sleeping rhythm, and the baby needs to feel that help is available if they need it.

Will LullaMe Solina make my baby sleep through the whole night?

This is extremely unlikely. The average night of a small baby lasts for 3–4 hours, and when the baby begins to turn into a toddler, five hours of uninterrupted sleep is considered a full night. However, individual variation is high, but LullaMe Solina will usually make falling asleep easier and keep periods of sleep more continuous.

LullaMe Solina uses electricity. Can it be dangerous for my baby?

LullaMe Solina uses the same kind of low voltage (12 V) allowed in toys. The voltage only goes to the encased motor on the lower corner of LullaMe Solina. LullaMe Solina also contains several safety mechanisms to ensure it cannot overheat and is turned off if necessary.

Safety has been a priority in all our product development. There are no loose parts on the mattress that fingers could get stuck to, for example. The mesh-like structure of the cover allows the free flow of air. The fabrics used are Öko-Tex certified and fireproof. You can feel just as safe having your baby sleep on LullaMe Solina as you would if they slept on any other mattress.

How can I use the different speeds and a timer?

LullaMe Solina provides five speeds for the gentle rocking motion. Different babies calm down at different speeds, so listen to your baby when choosing the speed. If your baby is overly tired, it is often a good idea to start at the highest speed and lower it gradually as the baby calms down. If your baby suffers from reflux, we recommend starting at the lowest speed and raising the head of the bed. When using the mattress for a longer period of time at night, we recommend using speeds 1 or 2.

The timer can be used in the way that best suits your baby. For example, some prefer to stop the rocking motion one hour after the baby falls asleep. The timer makes this nice and simple!

How loud is LullaMe Solina, or is it silent?

LullaMe Solina is not entirely silent, but it is relatively quiet. The sound level varies slightly depending on the weight of the baby and the speed used. LullaMe Solina has five speed settings, of which 1 and 2 are the lowest in speed and sound.

The sound level can be measured in decibels. The range of 5–25 could be compared to the rustle of leaves on a tree, for example, while the range of 25–50 could be compared to the sound of a computer. The level of a normal conversation is 50–60 decibels. The usual limit for noise is 80 dB. The sound levels of the mattress at the lowest and highest speeds with baby weights of 3 and 10 kg are presented below.

Speed level dB Weight of the baby (kg)
1 34 3
5 43 3
1 35 10
5 48 10

The sound level in the womb is louder than a vacuum cleaner used 24/7, so babies usually like the sound of LullaMe Solina. Some parents are slightly disturbed by the sound in the beginning, but usually people get used to it after a few days.

Can I use a sheet over the LullaMe Solina cover?

The cover of LullaMe Solina is already a kind of a sheet. If you want, you can use a breathable sheet over it, but in order to maintain the structural breathability, we recommend using a baby sleeping bag or swaddling.

If you are used to using a waterproof sheet, we recommend placing it under LullaMe Solina on the bottom of the crib. If your baby wets themselves during the night, you can simply wipe the mesh fabric (which does not absorb liquids) and wash the cover in the morning.

How is LullaMe Solina washed?

The fabric can be washed at 60 degrees celsius, and the frame can be wiped clean. The fabric dries in approximately one hour. Some of our users have found having two covers useful.

When should I stop using the rocking motion?

LullaMe Solina can be used with the rocking motion until the baby weighs 10 kg, and without the rocking motion until the baby weighs 20 kg. The motion should be stopped or the baby monitored when they learn to sit up by themselves at approximately seven months of age. However, LullaMe Solina can also be used as an ordinary airy mattress after the baby learns to sit.

Please note that LullaMe Solina is thicker than an ordinary mattress. It must be moved to the lowest level of the crib as soon as the baby learns to sit or stand up, in order to avoid them climbing out of the crib.

Can I leave the baby to sleep on their stomach?

According to official recommendations, babies should always sleep on their back and we cannot give a recommendation contrary to the current care guidelines.

Do I have to decide right away whether to buy LullaMe Solina?

No, you don’t. You can test LullaMe Solina (within the EU) and use it as your own for 30 days at a price of 99 € before making the decision.

In addition, delivery to your front door is free of charge in Finland and Sweden. The one-month trial period therefore only costs approximately 3 € per day. If you want, you can continue the trial period for another months, or buy the mattress for yourself, in which case the price of the trial periods will be reduced from the purchase price. The total price of LullaMe Solina after the trial(s) is 429 €. 

What is the nearest place where I can test LullaMe Solina?

In addition to our 30-day trial period, you can test and buy LullaMe Solina at our several retailers.

Do you have more questions?

Our customer service is happy to help you with any questions you may have. You can email us at, contact us through Facebook Messenger (@LullaMe), or call us at +358 (0)40 708 2001.

The THL sleep guides we have used as sources are downloadable here.

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