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It's not fun when babies can't sleep, as a lack of sleep affects everything in life. All of us at LullaMe have experienced this feeling. LullaMe is founded on personal experience.

We understand those sleepless nights

It's not fun when babies can't sleep, as a lack of sleep affects everything in life. All of us at LullaMe have experienced this feeling.

"I used to spend hours trying to get my baby to sleep,” says LullaMe founder and CEO Hanna Sissala. "The only thing that helped was movement. But I couldn't find anything that helped her to fall asleep in her own bed. So I decided to create something…"

Parents have been putting their babies to sleep the same way for generations: we rock, swing and soothe them in our arms, prams and even our cars. So Hanna put together a team of professionals to bring this rocking motion into the baby's mattress.

Safety first

"Many of us in the team have small children," says Hanna. "So we all know how important sleep is for the well-being of the whole family. We also know that nothing is more important than the safety of your baby."

"This is why we designed a mattress where all the moving parts are hidden," says Hanna. "We also designed the surface of the mattress to be breathable, so that air would pass through and it would be safer than a normal mattress – even if the baby turns tummy down. I also wanted the baby to be able to fall asleep in his or her own bed, close to the parents."

Here you can read some of the most common questions and answers about the mattress.

Designed for those we love the most

Hanna was able to try the mattress herself with her second child.

"Before we got the LullaMe mattress, our son's naps lasted only 10 minutes," she says. "He woke up tired and crying all the time, and it caused a lot of stress. Then after we got the mattress, he would nap for 45 minutes and wake up smiling because he had slept enough!"

The LullaMe baby mattress has been designed and is continuously developed together with babies and parents.

"It's been great to see how the mattress has helped so many families sleep and feel better," says Hanna. "When a new baby is born, the parents can't choose how well the baby sleeps. But with the LullaMe baby mattress, even those babies and families who have trouble falling asleep can feel rested and wake up smiling at each other."


Well-rested parents 
smile more

Baby sleep difficulties are common

We know how
it feels

When you and your baby can sleep, you'll both smile more. You'll feel closer to your spouse. You'll both have more energy to support the development of your child.

It's normal to feel tired, stressed and even angry when your baby doesn't sleep.

We're a company founded on personal experience. We know how much sleep means to babies families and we're here to help.


Finland is a country with many baby and child-related innovations, including free maternity packages for newborn babies. We have one of the lowest infant-mortality rates in the world, lengthy maternity and paternity leave, and well-functioning public daycare. Finland has also ranked in the top five in the PISA student assessment multiple times.


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