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Customer register of Familings Oy
Personal Data Act (523/99) §10

1. Registry administrator
LullaMe / Familings Oy (Company ID: 2626348-2)
Kuortaneenkatu 2
00510 Helsinki
Tel. +358 40 708 2001

2. Manager of registry-related matters
Responsible person: Hanna Sissala, Tel. +358 40 830 1939

3. Name of the Register
Customer register of LullaMe

4. The purpose of collecting personal data / purpose of the register
The personal data is processed for the purpose of the business operation, development of operations of LullaMe as well as maintaining, developing and analysing an appropriate relationship with the customer, including communication with the client, planning and targeting marketing content, opinion polling, market research and direct marketing (by email or otherwise).
LullaMe customer register can be used or handed over for direct marketing purposes as according to the Personal Data Act. The registered person has the right to access and check the data that is held on him/her in the LullaMe customer register. To check the details, a written request with a signature should be sent to the person in charge of the register. The request to check the data can also be presented in person at the office of the registry administrator at Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510, Helsinki, FINLAND. The request to check the data can be made once a year without a fee. The data check requests will be answered during office hours without further delay.

5. Use of Cookies
The cookies on the web page will be used in such a way that the privacy of the user will not be compromised (Electronic Communication Privacy Act (15.6.2004, No 516/2004) 1st chapter, subsections 1, 7 and 9).
The cookies will be used for e.g. measurement and research purposes to determine how often the and in what ways the web page is used. The cookies will be used in the advertisements on the web page. The cookies enable targeting advertisements according to the behaviour of the user. The system also uses the cookies to determine whether the user has seen the same advertisement earlier, so that the same advertisements will not be shown to the same user.
The cookie system does not combine the data from the cookies with the personal data or contact information of the user of the web page. The cookies do not enable accessing or copying the hard disk of the user's device.
The reception of the cookies can also be denied in the user´s internet browser. However, this can cause problems with the functioning of the web page, and is thus not recommended. Even when forbidding the use of cookies, the user will still receive advertisements, but they will not be selected based on the user's behaviour on the web page. If you forbid the use of cookies, you will also have to determine the browser settings and give your login details again every time you use the web page.

6. Complying data sources
The personal data will usually be collected from the registered person. Data can also be collected from LullaMe´s databases, when the person registers in the service and uses the services, as well as from the registry administrator´s social media entities.
Personal data can be collected, saved and updated from a registers of a registry administrator that offers address, update or other services.

7. Contents of the register
Client data, such as
- name
- address
- contact details
- birthday
- child´s birthday
- mother tongue
- sex
- size of the household
- type of accommodation
Data related to the customer relationship, such as
- data related to test use or previous orders
- agreement to receive email, SMS and other automatically sent direct marketing messages, direct marketing blocking codes and data on the method by which the address is received
- customer feedback information
- other data that will be collected with consent from the client

8. Handing over information as according to rules or transferring data outside the EU or European economic zone
The data will not be transferred outside European Union or the European economic zone

9. Register protection principles
Only the people working for the registry administrator and other specified people, who need the data in their work, will have access to the customer register. They can access the user name and password information. The data is protected with a firewall.
The customer data will not be printed on paper.

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