Privacy Policy


This data privacy statement gives you information of what data we collect of you and where it is used. This data privacy statement must be accepted in order to use the website.

  1. Data controller

LullaMe / Familings Oy (Business ID: 2626348-2)

Kuortaneenkatu 2

00510 Helsinki

telephone: 040 708 2001

  1. Purpose of processing personal data / intended use of register

The purpose of the processing of personal data is LullaMe’s business; development of the business; the managing, developing and analysis of a relationship based on a customer relationship and substantive connection; opinion and market research and direct marketing (email or otherwise).

The customer register of LullaMe may be used and disclosed for direct marketing purposes if you have permitted it. Otherwise we disclose personal data only if the law allows it, for example for the purpose of carrying out an order or agreement, or for marketing purposes. If you wish to verify, correct, block or remove your own personal data, please contact:

Familings Oy is the data controller under the EU data protection regulation.

  1. Processing and disclosure of data

LullaMe discloses personal data regularly to the following entities (processers of personal data):

Transport companies and transport management applications receive your contact data for the purpose of carrying out a delivery. Transport and forwarding companies may use the data only for carrying out their duties.

Systems in which customer data are stored:

Data collected of our customers are stored in the following IT systems:

If you have rented one of our products from our online store, your data are stored in the rental application, which helps you see the availability of products directly from the online store.

If you have requested a notification of the availability of a product, your email information is stored in an application that tracks inventory balances.

In connection with placing an order, you also disclose your data separately to the payment service provider of your choice. You may see the privacy policy of the payment service provider through the links below:

- Paypal:

- Klarna:

- Stripe (payment by card):

If you wish to check the data stored for the provider of a payment service, please contact the relevant entity.

If you have participated in our drawing by filling out a paper form, the data are transferred from the forms behind a firewall and passwords. The paper forms are disposed of in a secure manner.

User feedback questionnaires are stored in Google Forms.

The transfer of data between systems takes place in encrypted form.

  1. Use of cookies

A cookie is data which a web server stores on the device you use. Cookie files that are to be used on an internet site are used in a manner that does not violate the user’s privacy. Based on cookies, we receive information on, for instance, what pages of the online store customers have visited, what pages they have viewed, etc. Cookie information is processed anonymously. For example, we see how many customers have visited a particular site but we do not see which individual customer it is.  

Cookies are used for measurement and research purposes to determine the use and number of users of a site. Cookies are used in advertising on a site. Cookies are used to target advertising on the basis of browser behavior, and the system uses cookies to also identify whether a user has already seen an advertisement, so that the same advertisements are not shown continuously to the same user.

In cookie identification, cookie identification data are not combined with the user’s personal or contact data. Cookies do not make it possible to view or copy personal or contact data that is on the storage device of the user’s terminal device, such as a hard drive.

If desired, it is possible to forbid the receiving of cookies from an internet browser, but it may make the page not work and is not recommended. By blocking cookies, the user will still receive advertisements, but they are not selected based on one’s own browser usage. Blocking cookies that remember selections of the browser forces the user to configure the browser settings and to re-specify every time usernames and passwords that are to be entered.

  1. Advertising that is targeted on the basis of cookies of outside entities

The following entities collect cookie data information on our website and use it to target advertisements:

- Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA;

You can manage Facebook’s advertisement settings here

-AdWords: You can manage Google’s advertisement settings here

The following entities collect cookie information on our website and use it to develop the website:

-Google Analytics. Read more about Google’s privacy policies here

  1. Regular sources of data

Personal data are generally collected from the actual data subject. Additionally, they can be collected from LullaMe’s information systems, when a person registers for services and uses the services, and from social media related to the functions of the data controller.

Personal data may be collected, saved and updated from the registers of a data controller who provides address, updating and other comparable service.

  1. Data content of register

Customer information, such as

- name

- address

- contact information

- date of birth

- child’s date of birth

- native language

- gender

- size of household

- type of housing

Information related to customer relationship, such as

  • information about trial use or previous orders
  • consent for direct marketing sent by email, text message and other automatic systems, direct marketing prohibition codes, and information about how an address was obtained
  • customer feedback information
  • other data collected with the consent of the consumer.
  1. Regular disclosures of data and transfer of data outside of the EU and European Economic Area

Familings Oy does not disclose data outside of the EU or European Economic Area. The third-party entities referred to in Sections 3 and 8 may transfer data but they comply with regulations required by the EU. More information about the data protection of said entities is located next to each entity.

  1. Principles of registry protection

The customer register may be used only by persons employed by the data controller and other specified people who need the data in their duties. They use usernames and passwords. The data is protected technically by means of firewalls.

Customer data is not processed in printed out format.

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