Self-rocking baby mattress 120*60 cm
Self-rocking baby mattress 120*60 cm Self-rocking baby mattress 120*60 cm Self-rocking baby mattress 120*60 cm Self-rocking baby mattress 120*60 cm Chassis of the LullaMe baby mattress

Self-rocking baby mattress 120*60 cm

545.00 €

Deeper sleep, quicker

Research has shown that both babies and adults go to deep sleep quicker when being rocked. LullaMe is the first baby mattress in the world with in-built, automatic rocking motion.

The LullaMe self-rocking baby mattress is the perfect sleep assistant, lulling your baby to sleep for both day naps and at night.

Easy to clean inside-out

The mattress is made of a frame and a fabric cover that can easily be wiped and washed, so LullaMe stays in shape for more than one baby.

Breathable surface increases safety

At LullaMe, safety is everything. We've designed the mattress for our own babies and for yours too, using a breathable mesh fabric that lets air through at all times.

There is no filling, just the mesh fabric under the baby.

Can be used as long as the cot

The self-rocking function of the LullaMe mattress works for babies of up to 10 kg in weight, and without the self-rocking function for babies of up to 20 kg.

Five speeds and a timer

Because every baby is different, the mattress has five speeds and a timer that you can control from your iOS- or Android mobile phone or with the remote controller you can buy separately.

Coaches the baby to sleep in his/her own cot or crib

Your baby has learned to sleep in motion already in mother's womb. The gentle movement of the LullaMe mattress helps make the crib more familiar.

Replaces a normal mattress

LullaMe smart mattress is installed at the bottom of a cot/crib. It replaces a normal baby mattress. Make sure that your cot/crib fits the mattress size.

Package includes:

- aluminium/wood frame 120*60 cm
- attachable fabric 100 % polyester
- remote control app via iOS- or Android phone
- transformer, plug type C, compatible with European power sockets

Package weight: 13 kg. Measures: 118,8 cm * 60 cm * 16,5 cm. Package includes a handle.

Note! Plug adapter (not included) might be needed outside EU and in the UK.
A remote controller (not included) can be bought separately.

Download the LullaMe remote control app:


Payment methods:

VISA, Mastercard and AMEX
Klarna - pay later (in Finland only)
Klarna - slice up payments (in Finland only)


Worldwide delivery takes 1-5 business days.

UPS delivery is EUR 29-50 in EU, 50 EUR for USA. For other countries you can check the exact pricing by proceeding in the order process.


12 months

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