Flu in babies: How to help your baby to feel better?

Flu in babies: How to help your baby to feel better?

Usually when your baby has the flu, you can’t sleep either. You will listen carefully the little one’s breathing, and you will continually check the fever – you are worried, of course. Luckily the common cold is easy to win and there are several ways you can help your child to feel better.

We gathered a few tips how to help your baby to sleep when (s)he has the flu.

Raise the head of the crib – it makes the coughing easier

You may have noticed that it is easier to cough when you are in upright position rather than lying down. Also, it will easier for the babies to breathe when the head of the crib is raised: it relieves the pressure in your baby’s ears and in the upper airway.

If your child sleeps in a cot, place a few towels or slim pillow between the head of the mattress and the cot. You can also place books or the Baby Bed Blocks under the legs to elevate the head of the cot.

If your baby has “a wet cough”, you can pick your baby to sit on your lap. The upright position makes it easier to breathe. If your baby has a dry hacking cough, you can go outside for a second, the cool air will make your baby feel better. You need to stay calm and try to soothe your baby too: crying or panicking will make the coughing even worse.

If your baby has difficulty breathing, see your doctor or if necessary call an ambulance.


Keep the room temperature cool and moist enough!

Keeping the room temperature cool can help your sick baby to feel better and it will also decrease the swelling in your baby’s airway. However, the room temperature shouldn’t be too cold, 18-20°C is optimal in order to make your little one feel better.

Dry winter air will dry out the mucous membranes and that will make your baby feel even worse. To moisten the air, you can hang a wet towel to your baby’s room. You can also get a humidifier, which will also be a huge help for the little ones with dry skin.

The mesh fabric of the Lullame mattress helps your baby stay cool and comfortable! When the fever breaks, the breathable fabric will help the sweat to evaporate quickly and keeps your baby’s body cool.


The magical power of onions

Place a fresh sliced onion in a gauze bag or on a table next to your baby (far enough that the tiny hands can’t reach them). Raw onions seem to help many who are battling with the flu. Onions as a cure for flu do not cite any scientific evidence – however, we suggest that you give it a try.


Clean your baby's nose before bedtime

A nasal aspirator is essentially a small device that uses suction to draw snot from your baby’s nose, which will give for you and your baby a couple hours of sleep. Baby Vac nasal aspirator fits any vacuum cleaner. It’s very important to keep the nasal cavity clear, because that will prevent ear infection and cough.

The Baby Vac is a huge help, because it will get all of the snot out of your baby’s nose. At first your baby doesn’t necessary like that you are cleaning his/her nose, but soon your baby will realize that you are only trying to help him/her feel better.


Nasal irrigation

At a pharmacy you can buy saline nose drops, which will flush out mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses. Flushing the nasal cavity with salt water has been claimed to moisturize the nasal cavity too. You should use the salt water before using the Baby Vac nasal aspirator or nose blowing.


Are your hands getting tired of all the rocking and shushing?

Your sick baby usually needs more gentle movement in order to fall asleep – the shushing calms and takes attention away from the miserable feeling. Tired and sick parent should get some rest too.

The Lullame self-rocking baby mattress continues calming your baby so you will have some time to rest. Your baby will feel safe all the time. 


Remember, consult a doctor if you think that something is wrong! Symptoms such as unusual tiredness, high fever for a couple of days, not drinking enough fluids or fast breathing are reasons to call your doctor right away!


Good luck for the flu season!

Sanna K.

The writer is a biologist, who is continually searching for better sleep! She has a baby who didn’t sleep well before.



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