Three tips for getting your newborn to sleep

Three tips for getting your newborn to sleep

Sleep is vitally important for your baby and yourself – especially in the weeks after childbirth. But bedtime battles are common. So here are three tips from our experts to help you on your way when trying to get your newborn to sleep.

Facing the world after childbirth can be a confusing experience for a baby after spending nine months in the comfort of their mother's womb. And this confusion often means trouble getting to sleep. The key is to make your baby's adjustment to the world easier by creating a womb-like environment for their times of rest. Here are some things to know:

1. When trying to get your newborn to sleep - try motion!

While in the womb, babies are often resting as their mothers walk, drive and move about their daily lives. Babies are used to the motion! In fact, they find it comforting. This is why most newborn babies calm down when rocked or lulled in carrying equipment, strollers or baby bouncers. The problem though is that babies often wake up when the movement stops! So it's important for the soothing movement to continue…

This is one of the key insights behind LullaMe Solina – a self-rocking and breathable baby mattress from Finland that helps your baby to fall asleep gently. Solina is designed to lull your baby to sleep with an up-down movement that imitates the environment in the womb. The motion creates a sense of safety for all babies, and has also brought relief to many babies suffering from colic or reflux. 

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2. Swaddling makes your baby feel safe

Before childbirth, all your baby knew was the safe environment of the womb, where he or she was unable to move much. In the weeks after childbirth, babies do not understand where this comfort has disappeared to, and their flailing arms and legs only confuse them more. The solution to this is swaddling: wrapping your baby up tightly so it feels safe again and you can get your newborn to sleep again.

Some babies enjoy tight swaddling, while others feel more comfortable in a loose swaddle that only slightly limits the movements of their limbs. A baby must always be correctly swaddled in order for this method to be safe. There are plenty of online resources that show you how to swaddle your baby correctly.

3. Certain sounds help your baby to sleep

In the womb, babies are used to listening to the sounds of their mother’s bodies all day long. So babies do not need complete silence after childbirth! 

Many families have found that playing white noise can help their babies to sleep better. There are different kinds of white noise available from several sources. Low-frequency sounds like the humming of cars, trains, or airplanes also calm your baby by reminding him or her of the womb. The most important thing is finding the sound that your baby likes best. You can start with this YouTube video that has more than 35 million views.


LullaMe Solina is a Finnish innovation that turns an ordinary crib into a gently rocking cradle. The breathable self-rocking mattress can be placed into your baby's crib, helping to support their rest and healthy development. 

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