Baby Colic: Five Things Parents Need to Know

Baby Colic: Five Things Parents Need to Know

It’s tough for everyone when your baby suffers from colic. Here are five things from our colic experts to help you win the battle.

Colic is the number one enemy of a peaceful life after childbirth, making some 10% of babies cry in pain and driving their parents to desperation. Although colic usually goes away with time, that's of little comfort when it's the middle of the night and all you want to do is stop your baby from crying. So here are some things to comfort parents living with colic:

1. Any advice is worth trying.

If you find a method that gives your baby even the tiniest bit of relief, then it's worth trying! One of the golden rules for dealing with colic is: ‘If it works, it's good.’ Every child is different, so you can only find what works by trying different things. Maybe you need to perform squats while holding your baby, or drive around town while your baby falls asleep in the moving car. Sometimes you and your partner may just need to breathe regularly together with your baby – driving that colic away through projecting calm. If it worked once, try it again!

2. Baby comfort aids are meant to be used.

Parents often worry about their baby getting too used to being placed in a rocker or sucking on a pacifier in dealing deal with colic. Our advice? Don't worry! These concerns should be secondary to your baby and yourself getting enough rest. Colic often only lasts about three months and typically ends when babies are six months old. So if you need something to help your baby through this time, don't worry about it!

3. Guilt does not make you a better parent.

Colic is nobody's fault. And certainly nobody chooses it for their baby! So rid yourself of any feelings of guilt and self-doubt. You're doing your best – and probably pushing beyond your limits – so don't beat yourself up about colic. As much as it's your responsibility to take care of your baby, it's also your responsibility to take care of yourself. So breathe, eat, and keep in mind that colic does not last forever.

4. You and your baby deserve any help you can get.

If you find it difficult to ask for help, then remember that you're not doing it for yourself – it's for your baby. Our golden rule is to ask for help when you can, and accept it even when you don't want to. Just a small amount of rest works wonders for a parent struggling with the constant crying caused by colic.

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