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The story of LullaMe started from the hospital. Hanna's first baby was crying endlessly and Hanna didn't know what to do. Only continuous rocking helped the baby to sleep. She didn't find any product that would have helped, so decided to create one.

Hanna Sissala, the CEO & Founder of LullaMe with her first child

LullaMe makes the most important task in the world, parenting, a little bit easier. When the baby sleeps well, the parents can get some rest too. Well-rested parents can provide the baby with the best kind of early interaction.

LullaMe self-rocking baby mattress moves the baby mattress moves the baby gently up-and-down - just like the parent would. It helps the baby to fall asleep quicker and to sleep better.

Would you like to become a test user?

We are now looking for test users in Sweden. If you have a 0-3 months old baby and would like to try the mattress, fill in the form below. The length of the test period is two weeks and it's completely free. 

In order to be chosen, you should be willing to talk about your user experience on a video.

Test drive

Self-Rocking Baby Mattress

You can try the LullaMe mattress for 30 days and see how it works with your baby.

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30-day trial* LullaMe Solina - 2 in 1 Automated rocking and airy mattress for cot (120*60 cm)

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