Man Behind The Scenes

Written by Hanna Sissala - founder of LullaMe

I have to confess you something.

Even though I have been a lot in the publicity and have been mentioned as the inventor and founder of LullaMe, you should know that I have not been doing this alone.

In Finland there is a saying: Behind every succesful man there is a woman. In this case it is vice versa. I will now present you this mystery man behind the scenes ;)

Who are you?
Markus Vihottula, entrepreneur, investor, optimist and a person who is ready to through a solid rock if needed           

When did you join LullaMe?
During summer 2013 when I saw Hanna's open position. I felt like I was the right technical person and co-founder. I wanted to help in creating a commercial product out of the great idea that Hanna had.

Why did you join LullaMe?
I had dreamed on establishing own business for years. But I hadn't come up with a suitable idea. When joining LullaMe I had elaborated my dream in a way that I could join an existing team with a great idea. I also saw the passion that Hanna had in making the idea come true. I understood that solving sleeplesness for new parents has great business potential.

You are the Deputy General Manager of LullaMe. How does this position suit you?
Excellently. I like being part of a small team - I can influence on every decision and learn a lot. This work is awesome mix of strategy and execution. I particularly enjoy being the right hand of CEO. I rather like to work behind the scenes than be the public PR figure like CEO's tend to be.

You have also invested your own money into the company. What do you think is the most important asset of an investor? Why?
Yes. Because I think taking monetary risk increases the motivation. And in the beginning own funding is also obligatory before any angels come in. Even though we have worked a long time without salary with Hanna, you always need some money for prototypes, meeting customers, accounting etc.

I think growth investor needs to be prepared for both ups and downs. Being an entrepreneur means that situations change very quickly from very challenging to awesome and vice versa.
Investor needs to have a strong stomach.

Often in a small enterprise every investor can participate and promote the company as much as time allows. I have been  privileged to see all the terrific road up to this point where we are now. I think being an investor is rewarding. It is also very motivating to work with passionate people who are ready to give their all for the company.

What personal qualities do you bring with you to LullaMe?
Persistence, good team spirit and enthousiasm. I want to be the best colleague for all but also the one that can make hard decision when needed and to fight for the company by all means.

What kind of know-how do you have?
I consider technical know-how and productization skills as my most important assets. On the other hand I know a lot about negotiating and writing agreements and fundraising. I can see things from many different perspectives. I always adapt my communications according to the receiving party. This helps in leading and motivating people.

Why should a new investor invest in LullaMe?
Bigger risk gives better return on money. Many rich people have started enterprises from zero or come to the team from the beginning. LullaMe is yet in the early stages of growth so it is possible to come in with rather inexpensive prices. The return on investment in startups is over 20% on average. So when there is a real need behind the product, product is already on the market with good quality level and there is still a huge growth potential left, making an investment is almost a necessity.

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