Baby's sleep safety

Have you ever thought about how many hours your baby spends on his/her mattress? How many hours we actually spend at home with the baby?

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As parents we usually invest a lot in baby prams and car safety seats. These things are necessary when traveling or moving around with the baby. But have you ever thought about how much you use these items? How many hours a day or a week and how much you invest in them per used hour?

The way we spend money tells a lot about our values. We played a little with numbers to find out what kind of cost we actually have in different baby items. Here are the results:

Item                    Use time       Average usage       Average price       Cost per
                           in months     per week (hours)    (eur)                        hour (eur)
Pram                   24                   5                                750                           1,4
Car safety seat   12                   5                                200                            0,8
Baby mattress    24                  98                               100                           0,01

The table above shows that families actually invest quite a lot in baby prams. Of course, it depends a lot of the usage. And the price. But no matter how you calculate it, we invest in prams and car safety seats multiple times compared to what we invest in baby mattresses.

Why should you invest in a good baby mattress?

A newborn baby sleeps a lot, up to 22 hours per day. This is a lot of time to spend in one place. To improve baby's safety the easiest and most efficient thing to do is to make sleeping as safe as possible.

LullaMe mattress is assessed to be safer than any other baby mattress on the market. With the mattress baby sleeps on a soft feel mesh fabric. Even if the baby rolls onto his/her stomach during sleep there is still air flowing under the baby because of the breathability of the mattress.

Researchers have been investigating the reasons of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) a lot. As a safety measure, they have given some recommendations for baby sleep:
1) baby should sleep in his/her own bed
2) baby should sleep in the same room with parent(s)
3) baby should sleep on his/her back

When you need to make the baby fall asleep in his/her own cot, LullaMe mattress will help you. The mattress creates an automated movement so your baby feels safe - the movement is similar to the movement babies experience in the womb. The baby will calm down easier. With LullaMe mattress it is possible to keep the baby sleeping in the safest place possible, his/her own bed.

Even though some people can feel that paying 545 euros for a self-rocking baby mattress is a lot, we think it is not. If the baby uses the mattress for one year, average 14 hours/day, the price for one used hour is.... 0,1 eur. With 10 cents per hour, you can increase your baby's sleeping safety substantially. And of course- help the baby sleep better.

So why not to set the priorities right and make a small investment in the safety of the place where the baby spends most of his/her time.

Self-rocking baby mattress

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