When the baby no longer wants to sleep on his own crib

When the baby no longer wants to sleep on his own crib

Sleep. Such an everyday thing that it’s not appreciated enough. Until there is none. Sounds familiar? I’m sure many families with kids know this story. Read our experiences with the LullaMe Solina mattress and learn how this sleep helper has affected to our life. 

I was worried about my own sleep even before my baby was born. Sleep has always been very important to me – a non-negotiable basic need. Sleep related issues with a baby were a complete mystery to me, because as a first time mom I had no idea what to expect. I thought that my baby just might be the world’s best sleeper.

And he actually was! For the first two weeks at home, Noah slept anywhere anytime, and wasn’t bothered by anything. Just that he was full was enough to make him fall asleep. Until it stopped, just like that. Then he would only sleep in the pram during the day and next to me during the night, preferable using me as a pillow. I was so scared of sleeping with the baby that my own sleep went from bad to even worse!

We tried to get Noah back in his own bed using all the tricks in the book. Every article I had read before about babies’ sleep, I read again but they were no help since nothing worked.

I started to get pretty desperate and tired. Expectations for every new trick, gadget, or toy got also very high. Every product I bought promised to help babies to either sleep or fall asleep but none of them did that for my baby. Still, every time I hoped that this new thing would do the trick.

3 weeks ago, we got the LullaMe Solina mattress for test use. Even though I tried to control myself, my expectations got quite high and I believed that this was finally the answer to our sleeping problems! I had actually ran into the Solina mattress when I was pregnant researching baby sleep but I didn’t end up getting it at the time. 

The first night of the test try, I was too scared to even try and move the baby to his own bed, because I was afraid that the mattress wouldn’t work. The second night we tried to move Noah to his own bed twice, both times resulting in him waking up crying. The disappointment was enormous. This doesn’t work either! 

I was so ready to quit trying altogether but we decided to give it one more time. We had gotten really good tips from the LullaMe team beforehand and so on the third night we tried one of them and added also a Swaddle Up sleeping bag on Noah, which we got to test together with the mattress. And what do you know, the boy fell right back asleep and did not wake up crying!

Noah has been sleeping in his own bed every night ever since. Even now at 4 months old, we don’t sleep full nights, but the first longer period Noah sleeps in his own bed and that gives me the chance to get some rest and proper sleep as well. I do feel that I am a better mom when I’m not continuously sleep deprived. I have more energy to play, sing, and goof around instead of just sitting on the couch watching Netflix with the baby.

What we learned from this whole experience, is that first of all there’s no point stressing over baby’s sleep beforehand, because there is no way to prepare for what’s coming. Second, babies are so different that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Third, there certainly is a way for every baby for better sleep and falling asleep – you just have to find the thing that works for you baby or the right combination of things. The LullaMe team has worked with so many families already that they can give you lots of useful tips for babies’ sleep and new sleeping routines!

I’m so glad we didn’t give up. Now our days are much easier and it’s a lot nicer to go to bed knowing I can actually sleep in there. Even if it’s just for that one longer period. Noah and I wish all babies and parents better sleep! Read more about LullaMe Solina here

Laura (@lauraerika) & Noah

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