Welcome to Lullame's blog!

Welcome to Lullame's blog!

This blog's main goal is to write about things relating to sleeping and parenting and of course to encourage discussion. We will offer you some expert knowledge, inspiring real-life stories, cute babies, and humor.

LullaMe was born out of my desire to solve the sleep problems which I experienced with my firstborn. The dreams of the moments with your baby during the pregnancy are colored light pink or blue and filled with smile and happiness. You don’t often think that having a baby also means having stronger emotions than ever before. There are feelings of both anxious and stress, and the urge to help and protect. After all, the parenthood is all about being responsible for your baby’s wellbeing.

Along with the nutrition, sleeping is one of the three pillars of our health. When you sleep enough, it’s easier to smile. This applies to both babies and parents.

The LullaMe’s blog is aiming to bring more sleep and a pinch of dream to every home: exactly those moments with the baby which we always dreamed of.

If you get useful information and thoughts from us, in order to take care of the most important task in the world, the blog has achieved its goal.


I would love to hear what kind of themes, relating to babies’ sleep, you would like to get more information. Share your experiences, thoughts, and ideas in the comments below!


Wishing you the sweetest dreams,

Hanna Sissala, the founder of the Lullame


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