Has your baby problems with sleeping during the summer?

Has your baby problems with sleeping during the summer?

When there is daylight almost around the clock, the Finns are born again after the Polar night.

You can see the change in the little ones also; summer-born babies can have difficulties to find the right sleep cycle. The summer is not babies’ problem only, the summer affect your older children too.

Alongside the light, the heat and the insects can be a problem especially for the baby who sleeps outside in the daytime.

Here are 4 tips for happier bedtimes during the summer!

1. Try the magic of the blackout curtains! The baby’s body understands that it’s time to sleep when it’s dark. The light indicates when it’s time to wake up. Darkening the room supports the baby’s circadian rhythm and helps the baby to sleep through the night and extends the sleep in the morning as well. In the summertime it’s common that a baby who already sleeps well, starts to wake up before the first crow of a cockerel is heard, because of the brightness.
DIY tip! You can make the blackout curtains from the black plastic bags yourself, as long as you make sure that in any case they won’t fall on your baby. More elegant options can be found in e.g. the IKEA online shop.

2. Keep the room cool. Even a small fan can make miracles and still the room won’t become too cold.

The most efficient air conditioners and the air source heat pumps requires a stricter room temperature monitoring. However, they are that efficient to fight against the super heat-waves in July. Always make sure that they are not blowing directly to your baby.

3. You can help the baby feel fresh also from below: the LullaMe self-rocking baby mattress is much more breathable than the normal mattress, because you don’t need any separate sheets. That helps air to circulate more freely and helps the baby to sleep better.

The baby shouldn’t be sleeping directly in the sun. Pay attention to the change in the direction of the sun: there where was shadow half an hour ago, can be super-hot in a moment.

4. Keeps those buzzers and bugs away from you. It is self-evident that you have mosquito net for your baby stroller, but did you know that you can also cover the baby’s crib with the net? Make sure that the tiny hands can’t reach the net above the bed.

Always the problems with sleep are not related to the season. Read here some other reasons for your baby’s tears.

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Share your tips for summer in the comments below!

Wishing your baby strawberry flavored dreams:



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