Rental terms and conditions

These terms and conditions shall be applied between LullaMe (Familings Oy) (hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”) and customer (hereinafter referred to as “Lessee”). These terms and conditions do not diminish rights according to consumer protection legislation.

Rental period

The rental period is calculated as starting on the day when the product arrives at the Lessee.

The rental period ends on a pre-agreed date, when the product has been transferred to the carrier for transport or returned to the pick-up point. If the Lessee wishes to extend the rental period after the agreed date, he or she must contact customer service no later than one day before the agreed end of the rental period. The Lessee checks whether it is possible to continue the rental period depending on orders.

Try and buy service

If you have selected 2 weeks as the rental period, you have the option to purchase the mattress for yourself at the end of the rental period. In this case we reduce the price of the rental period from the purchase price. The Lessee is responsible for paying for shipping costs.

If you wish to purchase the mattress for yourself, please contact customer service at:

Rental price

The rental price charged is the basic rental price listed on the respective price list. Lessees will be informed of any price increases separately. 

Shipping costs

There is a separate charge for the costs of shipping and returning in connection with an order based on the currently valid price list. See our shipping shipping terms.

Delivery time

Products are shipped to the Lessee no later than on the first day of the rental period or they will be transferred to the carrier for shipping on the next business day if the order is placed on the weekend. If UPS is selected as the transport service, UPS will attempt to deliver the product to the destination 3 times. After this the product will be returned to the Lessor. If the product is returned because the customer did not take it in, the rental price will remain in force.

Delivery area

The rental product may be ordered to an address located in the EU area.

Cancellation policy

An order must be cancelled before it has been transferred for shipping, which is communicated to the Lessee by email. The Lessee must inform customer service of a cancellation:

Compensation for damages

The Lessee is obligated to pay for damages and costs resulting from handling the product carelessly or in a manner contrary to instructions during the rental period. The Lessee is obligated to pay for the value of a new product if it is destroyed or lost during the rental period, which is 545 euros.

The Lessor is responsible for costs of repair resulting from normal wear.

The Lessor is not responsible for any indirect or direct costs or damages incurred to the Lessee as a result of using the product in a manner contrary to instructions or from its breakage.

Transfer of an agreement or product

The Lessee does not have the right to transfer a rental agreement or

hand over a rented product to a third person (except family members).

Terms of payment

The price for renting a mattress shall be paid in full for the agreed rental period when the order is made, before delivery of the mattress. If the rental period is extended before the end of the original rental period, the extended rental period shall be paid for.

Returning a mattress at the end of the rental period

The mattress shall be returned to the Lessor in the original packaging, which must be kept for the duration of the rental. To make a return, please pack the mattress in the original packaging, attach the return address card you received on top of the package and order a pick-up of the package from the following telephone number: 09 2311 3406 (UPS customer service) or return the package to a pick-up point if you have selected pick-up from the Lessor’s warehouse as the delivery method.

Termination of agreement

If the Lessee violates the terms and conditions of this agreement or neglects to pay overdue rental fees, the Lessor has the right to terminate this agreement immediately and take possession of the rented product without consulting the Lessee. The Lessee is obligated to pay the Lessor for costs resulting from the aforementioned measures.

Settlement of disputes

Any disputes concerning renting and rented items shall be settled in the lower court of the Lessor’s domicile. A claim concerning an overdue rental payment may also be brought for settlement to the court of the city that is nearest to the Lessee’s domicile.

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